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Poetry by Balassi– a European experience Balassi-strófák- európai élmény…
Awarding February 14th is not only a day for lovers to celebrate – it is also the name day of those named “Bálint”, the Hungarian equivalent of the English Valentine. Hotel Gellért has, for the past 12 years, been the venue of the awarding ceremony of a prize called the Balassi Sword. The prize – named after Bálint Balassi, the most outstanding literary figure in Hungarian lyric poetry – was established by journalist Pál Molnár and is awarded every year to a Hungarian poet and a non-Hungarian translator of Hungarian literary works. As it is, ceremonially speaking, Tamás Szabó, Chaplain-General to the Hungarian Armed Forces (formerly Gáspár Ladocsi) who is in charge of the ceremony where Hungarian poets are awarded the Sword, and representatives of the Budapest Guard-of-Honour Regiment are also to attend the ceremony with the authorization of the Minister of Defence to that effect, so this literary event has become part of the European military tradition. The Sword will be handed over to the foreign translator by Imre Makovecz . The actual sword is an object shaped after an original sabre used by warriors in 16th century Border Castles – the work of sword-smith József Fazekas, while the honorary diplomas have been prepared by printer László Vincze, a resident of Szentendre. Another object of exceptional character has, these past years, been added to the list of awards: a statuette of Balassi – designed specially for the occasion by the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, a household name for fans of luxury porcelain items worldwide – which was handed over this year by CEO Attila Simon to Simon Serfőző and Juri Gusev, awardees of this year's prize. We believe that Hungarian poetry is something to be proud of and we feel honoured to be part of that remarkable event celebrating the achievements of the 'Balassis of our age'. The Herend Porcelain Manufactory is also a proud and committed supporter of Hungarian culture, one that participates at the awarding ceremony of a prize named after the first classic figure of Hungarian literature. February 14th is, of course, also a day to celebrate Bálint Balassi’s name day.
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